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Oregon Association for Healthcare Quality

Supporting quality professionals in Washington and Oregon

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Past events

20 Apr 2023 CPHQ Review Course
22 Mar 2023 JOINT WEBINAR: “Preparing Transgender Patients for Surgery: An Awareness Initiative" hosted by OAHQ
15 Feb 2023 JOINT WEBINAR: “Jay Arthur Know Ware International, Inc. Macos Course II” hosted by NCAHQ
28 Dec 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Criminalizing Medication Errors: Protecting Your Reporting Systems” hosted by MAHQ
20 Dec 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Navigating Planned and Unplanned VIRTUAL Accreditation and Regulatory Surveys" hosted by OAHQ
19 Dec 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Human Factors and Patient Safety” hosted by NEAHQ
14 Dec 2022 OrAHQ Annual Member Meeting (Virtual)
6 Dec 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Critical Appraisal of Inpatient Fall and Injury Prevention Programs: How is your organization doing?” hosted by FAHQ
18 Nov 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Transition to Practice: Innovative Partnership to Promote Quality & Safety " hosted by AzAHQ
17 Nov 2022 CPHQ Review Course
28 Oct 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Thriving: Tools for the Way We Work Now” hosted by OrAHQ
20 Oct 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Moving from tactical to purpose.....” hosted by FAHQ
29 Sep 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Staying afloat in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic....” hosted by FAHQ
20 Sep 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “How QI and PM Work Together” hosted by NEAHQ
20 Sep 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Leading the Brains of Your People to Higher Performance” hosted by NCAHQ
12 Aug 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Training the Quality Workforce at Johns Hopkins" hosted by AzAHQ
28 Jul 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Principles and Tools for Leading Change” hosted by NEAHQ
23 Jun 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Crossing over from RIM to IG” hosted by MAHQ
22 Jun 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Change Management for Patient-Focused Care” hosted by NEAHQ
8 Jun 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “The Patient Experience” hosted by OrAHQ
10 May 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Organizational Strategies to Improve Workforce Well-being ” hosted by NCAHQ
6 May 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Moving Beyond the Value Equation" hosted by AzAHQ
28 Apr 2022 CPHQ Review Course
14 Apr 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Bioethics and Quality Improvement for Healthcare Professionals” hosted by MAHQ
31 Mar 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Building an Equity-focused Health Ecosystem: Addressing physical, behavioral, and social health” hosted by OrAHQ
22 Mar 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Best Practices in Design of a Patient Safety Evaluation System” hosted by NCAHQ
4 Mar 2022 JOINT WEBINAR: “Training the Next Generation of Quality and Safety Leaders: Formal and Informal Strategies" hosted by AzAHQ
21 Oct 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: Physician Relationships and Involvement in Quality
17 Oct 2021 Healthcare Quality Week
5 Oct 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “What is Emotional Intelligence, why do healthcare workers need it and how can it be improved?” hosted by FAHQ
22 Sep 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Understanding MACRA: An overview for quality professionals” hosted by NCAHQ
13 Sep 2021 NAHQ Annual Conference - Virtual
10 Sep 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Assessing Value and ROI in Healthcare” hosted by AzAHQ
26 Aug 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Navigate from "Nowhere": Using Quality Tools to Maneuver Through Today's Challenges” hosted by MAHQ
30 Jun 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: How Racism and Implicit Bias Impact Quality
5 May 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Health Care Delivery Transformation through Collaboration”
12 Mar 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Best Practices for Improving Behavioral Health Quality of Care and Access Through Telehealth” Panel Discussion
2 Mar 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Zero Harm – Trilllion Dollar Prescription” with Jay Arthur
25 Feb 2021 JOINT WEBINAR: “Medicare Value-Based Payments: What you should know about MIPS” by Emily Wolfston, MSA
25 Sep 2020 Introduction to Health Equity

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