To advance quality throughout our healthcare system through development and collaboration of Northwest healthcare professionals​​​

To be the preferred source in the Northwest for developing and promoting professional expertise in the art and science of healthcare quality and patient safety.

2019 Goals​​

Following OrAHQ's mission of development and collaboration, the OrAHQ Board has established the following goals for the year
  • Collaborate and network with members and community partners at least two times during the year​


  • Develop financial strategy to expand educational opportunities for members
    • ​Develop and execute on-line continuing education structure with at least one new webinar opportunity
    • ​Provide at least one in-person educational opportunity
​​​Leadership & Finance
  • Identify and record official documentation in a designated location, with a corresponding retention policy within the first half of 2019​​

  • ​Enhance communications with members via website updates and increased educational resources, preferably monthly

Board Members

Vickie Kolios-Morris

President Elect

Paula Derr

Janice Brice

Education Chair
​Michael Sutch

​Member At Large
​Amanda Lovell

Washington Liaison
Cindy Hamilton
[email protected]


Cindy Hamilton

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